Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines are carpet cleaning machines that are usually bolted into a van or truck and enables the operator to just bring hoses and wand in the building to be cleaned.

Avenger 500 Truck Mount By Century 400 - (a Prochem Blazer)

The Next Generation is Here!
When you are ready to upgrade from a portable, the Avenger 500 is the perfect entry level truck mount carpet extractor. Compact, simple design and affordable. Century 400 has been in business for 25 years and is owned by the largest truck mount manufacturer in the world - Prochem. So you can depend that they will be their for you.


Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine - 18 HP
Engine Speed - 3250 RPM

Sutor bilt Vacuum Pump - 3LL at 13” HG
CAT 3CP Water Pump - 1420 RPM
Water Flow Rate - 3.0+ GPM
Water Pump Pressure -1,000 PSI
Waste Tank Capacity - 60 Gallons
Weight -688 Lbs
Dimensions -32”W x 39”D x 33”H
Warranty -1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Standard Equipment:

100 ft of ¼” I.D. Pressure Hose
100 ft of 2” Vacuum Hose
50 ft of Inlet Water Hose
Carpet Wand
Installation Kit
Operation and Service Manuals





This unit is made by Prochem for its sister company Century 400.  This is a Blazer with Century 400 stickers. You get the Prochem product at the Century price.


Peak Truck Mount

Prochem's Next Generation Truck mount.

The durability of the liquid-cooled engine ensures you are maximizing your profit potential. Further, the simplified design makes operation and maintenance easier than ever. The patented heat exchange system provides plenty of heat for the PEAK's single wand operation. Plus, the tri-lobe blower provides the vacuum you need to get the job done right.

Innovative Design Features:

  • Liquid cooled Kohler engine for long lasting reliability.

  • Simplified design for no-hassle operation and maintenance.

  • Improved heat and vacuum for the ultimate performance.

  • Patented heat exchange system provides plenty of heat while eliminating the need to bypass water to the waste tank.

  • Tri-Lobe blower designed in partnership with Prochem and Sutorbilt for the carpet cleaning industry provides smooth, quiet operation.

  • Perfect for large commercial jobs or de-flooding and water restoration work.

  • Last Step Chemical Injection for long life of water pump and heat exchange system.

  • Many other features you asked for and Prochem has delivered!


    • Solution Pressure Circuit – Creates up to 1000 PSI for carpet and hard surface cleaning.

    • Stainless Steel Chemical Pump – Stainless steel provides durability and eliminates corrosion issues.

    • Shutdown Identifiers – Diagnose cause of shutdown and correct the problem, limiting downtime.

    • Accessible Solution Screen and Check Valve – Easily accessible screen and valve make preventive maintenance quick and simple.

    • Aluminum Frame – Aluminum prevents rusting and corrosion issues.


Waste Recovery Tank 60 Gallon, Marine Grade Aluminum
CAT 3CP+ Pump 1000 PSI @ 3.7GPM
Engine 25 HP Kholer Liquid-Cooled Engine
engine speed 2850 RPM/1200 @ idle
Kit Complete Installation Kit
Manuals Operation and Service Manuals
Pressure Hose 100 ft. of 1/4" O.D. Pressure Hose
Sutorbilt Tri-Lobe T406 Vacuum Pump 14" Hg
Vacuum Hose 100 ft. of 2" Vacuum Hose
Wand Carpet Wand (quad jet)
Water Hose 50ft of Inlet Water Hose


height 43"
length 45"
width 30.75"


Products / Accessories

Broadstroke Titanium Wand
Our 13.5 inch titanium wand could be the best investment you ever make!

Carpet Wands
Wands have a much greater effect on the end results of cleaning and drying than most people realize

Console Water Tank
A water tank that utilizes space that is normally wasted.
EZ-Charge Water Softener
Protect your truck mount investment from the damaging chemical deposits in your water supply.

Fresh Water Tank
Gives you a 60 gallon on-board supply of fresh water.

Hard Surface Counter Top Tool
The countertop tool is ideal for kitchen counters, ledges, or irregular surfaces.

Hard Surface Wand
You can select the hard surface wand for small or narrow floor areas or steps.
High Profile Hose Reel
Prochem’s high profile hose reel keeps hoses neatly stored and speeds set-up and clean-up time.

Motorized Hose Reel And Fresh Water Tank
Conserve space in your van!

Prochem Upholstery Tool
The Prochem Upholstery tool will turn your truck mount into a high productivity upholstery cleaning machine.
12 inch Upright Vacuum with Automatic Vacuuming System.
Stair Tools
For big cleaning jobs you’ll find Prochem’s Stair tool a must!

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These are great machines !!